WordPress 5.8 Kill the classic Widget Screen

The WordPress 5.8 turn the classic widget screen (old widget) into the block-based widget screen. Yes,  Widgets are now blocks and this is going to be available to everyone instantly.
It will create compatibility issues for many sites.
Our plugin, WP Tools, can restore the classic widget screen with just one click.


If you start using the new block-based widgets system, you will lose all of your widget blocks upon activating our plugin.
There is no going back, so be sure this is what you want. The former blocks will not reappear if you change your mind and deactivate our plugin.


  • Classic widgets screen
  • Old widgets screen
  • Remove Gutenberg from the Widgets screen
  • Removes block support from the default post types
  • Classic UI Widgets
  • How activate old widgets customizer instead of Gutenberg widget