How to increase max PHP POST Max Input Vars

If you get this error “Increase PHP Max Input Vars Limit” just follow the solution below.

The most common issue stems from the max_input_vars PHP directive. By default, max_input_vars is set to 1000, which can easily be reached…


The solution is to simply increase the max_input_vars.


If you have access to your php.ini, you can just add this directive (or change the existing value) to includes your max input variables:

memory_limit = 128M;
max_input_vars = 3000;

If you don’t have access to this file (as with many shared hosts), you may need to contact your host to increase this limit.


Alternatively, you can try placing this in your .htaccess.

php_value max_input_vars 3000

Our plugin can show you this information at the page PHP INFO and also the location – path – of the file php.ini (configuration File (php.ini) Path )