WPtools Free WordPress Plugin

WP Tools is a comprehensive suite of 44 tools designed to optimize your website’s performance and address frequent WordPress issues. The plugin improves speed and efficiency, prevents errors and crashes, and ensures optimal performance.

Tool 1) Show the PHP, MYSQL and Javascript errors, limited to 200 last errors (to avoid freeze your browser). Just click Show PHP Erros voice at the menu.
Tool 2) Show the PHPINFO (PHP info) with a lot of info about your PHP server configuration.
Tool 3) Show percentage Server Load Average for the last minute at top admin bar. (Enable this option only in Linux Servers.)
Tool 4) Disable WordPress Native Sitemap Automatic Creation (or only user’s sitemap).
Tool 5) Disables the default notification email sent by a site after an automatic core, theme or plugin update.
Tool 6) Add Google Search Central (formerly Google Webmasters) HTML TAG and Bing Meta Name.
Tool 7) Add Google Analytics GA Tracking ID.
Tool 8) Alert on Top Admin Bar if WordPress Debug is active.
Tool 9) Hide Admin Bar from non Administrators.
Tool 10) Deactivate Lazy Load functionality (added in WP version 5.5)
Tool 11) Deactivate Emojis functionality (support for emoji’s in older browsers)
Tool 12) Page Load Info: Number of SQL queries per page and page load time.
Tool 13) Record and send emails notifications when PHP notices, warnings and errors happens.
Tool 14) Show and edit the file rebots.txt.
Tool 15) Show, check and fix errors on mySQL tables (name, status, size and last update).
Tool 16) Bypass WordPress debug (if WP_DEBUG = false) and show errors and warnings on screen (optional).
Tool 17) Show Cron Jobs table.
Tool 18) Show file .htaccess
Tool 19) Show file wp-config.php
Tool 20) Show Cookies
Tool 21) Restores the previous (“classic”) widgets settings screens and disables the block editor from managing widgets
Tool 22) Disable the WP Admin Bar / Toolbar on the frontend of sites. (it does not affect the dashboard
Tool 23) Add a Button on Admin Bar to Show site errors (Also Javascript Errors!)
Tool 24) Check Files and Folders permissions
Tool 25) Javascript errors, jquery and jquery migrate version.
Tool 26) Erase readme.html and licence.txt files at root folder.
Tool 27) Show disk size, disk used, disk free and top big folders usage.
Tool 28) Remove WP icon from admin toolbar (top left).
Tool 29) Replace WordPress logo at Login Page.
Tool 30) Benchmark server tools (check hosting performance).
Tool 31) Show the mySQL (database info) with a lot of info about your mySQL server configuration.
Tool 32) Increase the WordPress site limits:
Tool 33) Disable javascript console logs for non administrators.
Tool 34) Show and check file permissions (included wp-config.php).
Tool 35) Show and delete transients.
Tool 36) Enables the WordPress database tools to optimize and repair InnoDB and MyISAM database tables.
Tool 37) Disable Self Pingback.
Tool 38) Show Search Engine Visibility WordPress Setup
Tool 39) Show Server Rooth Path
Tool 40) Site Health Alert
Tool 41) Show PHP Extensions Loaded
Tool 42) Show PHP Disabled Functions
Tool 43) Show MYSQL Table Prefix
Tool 44) Show Database charset (character_set_system)

  • php memory limit
  • time limit (can Fix Fatal Error: Maximum Execution Time Exceeded in WordPress)
  • max upload file size limit

without editing any WordPress or PHP files. Just Click General Settings Tab.

If your PHP init define a bigger amount, our plugin doesn’t reduce it.

This plugin can help you if you received the message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xxx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate xxx  bytes). In this case, increase the memory limit.

After increase the PHP memory limit, click here to learn how increase also WordPress Memory Limit.

Requirements for use (Tool 3) Show Server Load Tool

  • Linux Server (not Windows server)

Testemonials from the official WP Tools WordPress site:



Great Thank you for your constant improvement.


Great plugin! My web hoster wasn´t complying with the SLA and I had a tool to show them why! Thank you!